AVB Team provides professional services in the field of physical and technical protection of property and persons in accordance with the principles of modern business. In the range of its services, AVB Team offers you physical security, monitoring, mobile security and security of public gatherings. AVB Team also offers you a combination of security types.

With our staff and technical capacities, we are prepared to meet the most complex of security demands of clients by setting high standards of service quality. We bring together a professionally trained staff managed by a team of professionals with years of experience in security affairs.

By applying cutting-edge methods, techniques and procedures in our work, we endeavour to express our high aspirations in all areas of protection. Accordingly, we can offer you a complete security system that implies the optimal and rational organization of personnel and technology, at the same time guaranteeing a quality service and reducing your costs.

Technical protection

“Definition: technical protection is the security of persons and property that is provided using technical means and devices, and by their planning, design, installation and maintenance.”. We can offer all technical protection systems in cooperation with our partners.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems are an integral part of physical security. We operate high-end equipment from various manufacturers.

Intercoms/intercom systems

We use the equipment of the most renowned companies and the solutions we offer boast good design and reliable operation.

Alarm systems

The alarm systems we operate can be divided into three groups: wired, wireless and systems integrated with video surveillance.

Access control

We use systems of several distinguished vendors. Solutions for time and attendance systems and guard tour control systems have also been implemented.

Automatic fire alarm

We operate a wide range of these systems using cutting-edge equipment for detecting explosive and toxic gases, and for detecting natural gas.


Since its set-up in early 2010, when we began to provide our services, AVB team has been operating as a company with more than 500 employees who provide their services to over 400 facilities across Serbia on a daily basis.

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