Facility services

Facility services are the coordination of human resources, knowledge, skills, equipment and operational activities in an actual working environment, on the day-to-day tasks of maintaining and operating a business facility.

Facility services are an interdisciplinary field that follows one facility from its beginning to its end, through all stages of its lifespan.


  • Defining user needs
  • Decision and design
  • Construction
  • Use / maintenance
  • Review and decision


The goal is to reduce/optimize current costs; increase the investment value of the facility with new investments through the investment generated by savings in the existing business system; raise the level of service and the environment and thus, increase the value that the owner receives; make it possible for the company to focus on the very core of its business activities.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety is the provision of such work conditions that minimize, to the greatest extent possible, occupational injuries, occupational diseases, and work-related diseases and that predominantly create the preconditions for the full physical, psychological and social welfare of employees.

We are also able to provide the following services in certain areas


Cutting-edge telephone exchanges, together with the telephone network, are intended for the transmission of various information. The importance of communication has led to the expansion of the telecommunications industry in the world.

Computer networks have emerged from the need for a faster and more efficient exchange of information within companies. It is an investment that swiftly pays off through the introduction of a LAN.

In Serbia, we have installed the largest number of systems for recording telephone calls. Users of our systems include: police, ambulance, army, industry, public services and legal entities.


We perform lightning protection installations using:

  • the classical method, through a network of galvanized steel strips
  • an early starter device

Of late, the latter solution has been carried out more often since the cost of execution is lower as compared to the classical method.

They are no longer the future, they are the present. In due course,  intelligent electrical installations will completely replace the traditional method of operation:

  • Much greater comfort
  • Energy saving
  • Lower design and maintenance costs

We conduct comprehensive measurements of electrical installations in the sphere of construction trade, industry, traffic, health care and for the needs of the army and police. Lightning protection measurement constitutes an integral part of electrical installation measurement. We have full state-of-the-art equipment, experience and documentation.

In the field of lighting we offer you modern LED lighting, which in recent years has been rapidly substituting all other sources of light.


Energy is becoming more expensive and non-renewable energy sources are dwindling. We can offer from design to construction: photovoltaic power generation systems, heat systems for hot water production, and geothermal heating systems.

LED displays serve as a very efficient marketing medium and in recent years we have witnessed that all cities in Serbia have received LED displays. Along with them, the use of LED decoration for facilities is also increasing.


Since its set-up in early 2010, when we began to provide our services, AVB team has been operating as a company with more than 500 employees who provide their services to over 400 facilities across Serbia on a daily basis.

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