DDD Services

(Disinfection, desinsection and deratization)

For the full maintenance of the hygiene of business premises and facilities, AVB team offers you disinfection, desinsection and deratization services.

In accordance with the requirements of the HACCP system and  ISO standards, we offer:

  • Drafting of DDD pest control procedures, programmes and plans
  • Development of a system for placing and marking rat boxes
  • Preparation of relevant documentation
  • Planning of regular inspection (monitoring) schedules for all control points
  • Compilation of a written report on the measures taken


  • Control of rodent pests (mice, rats…)
  • The control programme for office and residential buildings, green areas, etc. using poison baits, glue traps, live animal traps, ultrasound


  • Control of insect pests (fleas, cockroaches, German cockroaches, ants, ticks…)
  • Control methods: spraying, ULV cold and hot fogging, passive treatment with bait gels


  • Destruction of all kinds of infectious agents (microorganisms)
  • Preventive disinfection or in accordance with epidemiological indications
  • Preparation of daily or periodical disinfection programmes


Since its set up in early 2010, when we began to provide our services, AVB team has been operating as a company with more than 500 people who render their services to over 400 facilities across Serbia on a daily basis.

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